Two Sons, Three Parents, Four Friends and a Tennis Coach!

The winner may take all … but is there ever a true winner?

Set against the backdrop of junior, amateur, club and professional tennis, the story follows the friendships, relationships and rivalries of two boys who are destined to compete against each other emotionally and professionally throughout their lives. They undergo the pressures of ‘First Love’ relationships,

whilst juggling school education on the one hand, with training as performance tennis players on the other.

In a world of extreme competition they aspire to be champion tennis players, but the road to success is strewn with the challenges of humanity, which will test their friendships and strength of character

right up to their nail biting TIE BREAKER finale –

But the last call and deciding point is a “SPIN”? … Who will win?


The Finale opens at the start of the Tie Break (First to win 7 points)

of the final & deciding Set of a major tournament final

between the hero Nick, and his rival Benjamin.

This is the only scene, throughout, where real tennis is played on stage....

The two players compete in a real, not simulated, tiebreak (average length about 10 min),

the result of which is unknown, by anybody, until the outcome of match point.
The Cast have rehearsed two different final scenes, and are prepared for either result, each performance.


Mini-Tennis is approved and endorsed by the LTA & BTCA who use this innovative sport to introduce 4 to 8 year olds to the game of tennis. Their nationally standardised junior county training scheme includes

mini tennis leagues and tournaments from local school level up to the National mini tennis competition.

Imagine a badminton court with the net lowered, so that the bottom of the net touches the ground.

Imagine a small duplicate tennis racquet.

Imagine a tennis ball made of foam-sponge so that, no matter how hard it’s struck, it absorbs the power and slows down during its flight-path to suit the shortened length of the court, yet still bounces

at the correct height, and still responds to spin. Also brightly coloured and spectator-friendly.

In other words, imagine the game of tennis in miniature, proportionally reduced, but otherwise as realistic as the full-scale game, employing all the shots & tactics of tennis so that a match between Andy Murray and Roger Federer would still be as spectacular and exciting as if it were played on Centre Court at Wimbledon.



TIEBREAK the musical is intended at 2 hours’ length with a 20-minute interval.
The set is a green tennis court laid flat on the stage.

Up to the finale, (the tiebreak duel), the net is only suggested by a line shadow across the middle

of the court, brought in at times of dramatic conflict.

For the finale itself, a real net is erected and a real game played.
Up to that point, the flat-floor rectangular set provides the appropriate arena for the dramatic movement that arises from the interactions of characters and situations within the context of the game of tennis.

The sensation of the passage of time is created on the clock and scoreboard on the audience-free side.

Throughout the show, there would be one Tennis court or Tennis area permanently set upstage,

but moveable as and when necessary!

To portray different times and places, the sets, scenery & backdrops would change around the court area!

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Intellectual Property Protected by Copyright © Registered at “Stationers’ Hall Registry”

Registration Certificate No. B10/1534/40532

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Book, Music & Lyrics by Chris Turner © 2000 - 2020

Additional lyrics by Tony Barlow

All songs arranged by Chris Turner

Songs 3, 5, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 produced, programmed & engineered by Jim ‘Switch’ Hopper & Chris Turner
Vocals recorded and produced by Steve Alan-Jones

Producer & Project Manager - Jane Turner